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Hair trio for perfect look with capsules

Comprehensive hair care? You're in the right place. This package is made for you. Our most effective blend of Love is in the Hair vitamins in capsule form will revive even the most exhausted hair. Strong and healthy hair inevitably includes the nourishing Growth & Scalp Hair serum with natural ingredients such as rosemary, probiotics, aloe vera, and caffeine, which make sure your scalp is healthy. The only thing missing for the perfect look is the final step. The Hairlastic mask with hydrolyzed elastin, coconut, argan, and castor oil. Afterward, your hair will be remarkably beautiful, smooth, and shiny!

As a gift, you'll receive a cosmetic bag where you can fit the renowned trio of products, fighting for beautiful and healthy hair.

Package contents:

$79.00 $99.00

45-day money-back guarantee

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