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Hair trio for damaged hair with capsules

Fight hair loss and thinning with our trio of products. The package contents are carefully selected to restore strength and health to your hair. None of us wants thinning hair. The Love is in the Hair capsules visibly facilitate the growth of new hair while making it stronger. The scalp health is taken care of by the Growth & Scalp Hair serum with rosemary, aloe vera, caffeine, and probiotics. The Growth & Nourish mask regenerates hair fibers, improves its strength, and prevents protein loss in the hair. Its main ingredients include castor, coconut, argan oil with caffeine, and D-panthenol. As a gift, you'll receive a cosmetic bag where you can fit the prominent trio of products, fighting for beautiful and healthy hair. Package contents:

$79.00 $99.00

45-day money-back guarantee

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