8 tips for summer hair care

8 tips for summer hair care

You protect your skin from the sun in the summer with SPF creams, applying them before going out in the sun, after every swim in the pool or the sea. But you forget about your hair. Then, you may despair that your hair color has faded, that your hair is breaking, lost its shine, and looks dull. How to avoid this scenario every year?

1.Colored hair needs special care

As they say, the sun will bleach the color from your hair. That's why dark hair may fade during the summer. And blondes may end up with greenish shades. If you plan to go to the sea or spend the summer basking in the water, postpone dyeing your hair and just trim the ends before going on vacation. The color will lose its shine anyway. Choose hair care products designed for colored hair with sun protection and focus on intensive regeneration.

2. A head covering is a must-have!

Of course, unless you want dry and brittle hair. Water evaporates quickly from hair in the summer, so it is good to wear hats, scarves or caps. They protect the scalp and thanks to them, you can avoid unpleasant sunstroke. It is ideal to use sprays with UVA and UVB protection that protect, hydrate, nourish your hair and give it shine.

3. Wash your hair before and after swimming in the water

Before swimming - so that your hair will not absorb so much chlorine. After swimming - it is clear why - to wash off the chlorine. The same goes for the sea. If you let your hair dry freely in the sun without washing it with clean water after swimming, the water will evaporate from your hair, but the salt will remain and dry it out.

4. Wash your hair with shampoo after a day in the sun

Use a mild shampoo for hair exposed to the sun and rinse the chlorine or salt residues thoroughly. Don't forget about conditioner, which will restore your hair balance. If you don't use conditioner, try rinsing your hair once a week with water diluted with apple cider vinegar. This will partially replace the effects of the conditioner and protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine.

5. Regenerate with a hair mask

Even if you follow all the recommendations, do you feel that your hair has lost its shine and elasticity? Try applying a hair mask that can repair damaged hair structures. Apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Best before washing.

"Coconut oil is also excellent for regenerating dry hair."

6.Air dry your hair

More hot air to your hair in the summer is not beneficial, so put aside your hairdryer, curling iron or straightener and let your hair dry naturally. If you cannot give up blow-drying, dry your hair with cold air instead.

7.Don't wash your hair every day

Water evaporates from your hair and leaves it drier and your scalp will produce more oil to compensate for the dryness. Prefer a dry shampoo instead. There are many of them on the market and they also smell great.

8. Take care of your hair from the inside out

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated - you, your hair and your scalp. Add plenty of fruits, vegetables and possibly vitamins to your diet. You can try unicorn gummies from Bloom Robbins (link to product), which will help keep your hair in a healthy condition.

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